Dear Friends,

The NYYM Sessions Committee has agreed that Summer Sessions will be held at Oakwood in 2024. The committee has not decided the exact dates and number of days to meet, but we have asked Oakwood to hold the days between July 26 and August 1.

Many Friends on the committee shared the sadness that we will not be returning to Silver Bay, but Silver Bay tells us they simply cannot accommodate our needs for space, cost and dates.

The decision to return to Oakwood was only for 2024 and there is an opportunity to explore whether there is another site that is a good fit for NYYM Summer Sessions. In the meantime, we welcome any and all suggestions for ways to build on the positive experience we had at Oakwood that is reflected in our evaluations.

Friends who wish to be involved in that exploration are welcome to contact the co-clerks of the Sessions Committee at At the next Sessions Committee meeting we will look at ways to go about the search for a venue and to include willing Friends in a work group set up for that purpose.

In loving Friendship,
Co-Clerks of Sessions
Dawn Pozzi
Martha Gurvich