Poughkeepsie Quakers

Silent Meeting for Worship
Every Sunday 10am

Open to All Spiritual Seekers

We worship in silent, expectant waiting.

Quaker congregations have gathered throughout the Hudson Valley for over 300 years. Our way of worship is to come together in stillness to make room for the voice of Spirit.

We sit in silence, and wait expectantly, with an open heart, for a spoken message or prayer or ministry that may arise. From time to time someone may speak briefly, but sometimes the entire hour may pass without a word being spoken. There is no clergy, hierarchy, set ritualized speech and behavior, written creed or prepared messages so as not to crowd out what is usually such a still and small voice within — the inward grace that connects us to the Spirit and Creator of all around us.  


Worship by Diane McCarron

We support everyone’s spiritual search.

All you need to bring is an open heart and desire to worship with Quaker Friends who wait quietly to experience the Light within or “that of God in everyone.” Our meetings are open to everyone and all ages.

There is First Day (Sunday) school and pre-school childcare during our Meeting for Worship.

Oakwood Friends School Campus

What is

What is meeting
for worship?

Sit Silently

With an awareness of the Divine Spirit, usually for one hour.

Listen Expectantly

To experience the Divine within yourself, within others and present among us.

Greet Warmly

When worship ends, exchange a warm hello in fellowship with friends around you before heading out into the day.