Join us for a special learning conversation this Friday, January 26th, from 6-7:30pm at Vassar. You must register!
The Forum of Political Thought has invited Hashishen, a Palestinian Musician and Event Manager based in the Hudson Valley. He will be speaking on living as an artist both before and after the critical mass awareness we are currently experiencing, how both Palestinians and allies of their self-determination can bring positive results to those suffering most from this and similar issues, and various ways to navigate expression in order to bring awareness to the cause in a positive way while avoiding performative measures.
We have had the pleasure of meeting already and strongly believe his perspective will help bring awareness on how allies and other Palestinians can better navigate living in the West while supporting anti-genocidal efforts. Authentic Palestinian food and catering will be provided by his cousin Kamel Jamal, owner of Ziatun, Beacon and strong supporter of the community and arts in the Hudson Valley.