About Poughkeepsie Quakers

Silent Worship Together

Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting is a Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends —also known as Quakers. We are a community of faith that is based on the belief and experience that direct communion with the Holy Spirit is possible. We believe that divine guidance is given personally to everyone, no exceptions. No pastor, clergy or hierarchy is necessary. There is no written creed or pre-preprogrammed worship in our meetings.

Our way of worship is simply to come together in stillness. We sit in silence, and wait expectantly, with an open heart, for a spoken message or prayer or ministry that may arise. From this have come revelations of the love and guiding will of God, revelations inwardly experienced that may be shared in words with others present and expressed in attitudes and action. Our commitment is to living lives that outwardly attest to this inward experience. We believe that each person has a role to play in the world around us and in the preservation of the natural world.

The truth of that experience has been shared by Quakers round the world for hundreds of years and among Friends who have come to worship in Dutchess County since the early 17th century, arriving in Poughkeepsie in 1811. We are Quakers of all ages, religious backgrounds, races, education, political parties, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, and stages of life. We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who support each other in our spiritual journeys and work for positive change in the world.

Everyone is welcome. Please join us as you are!

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Your First Quaker Meeting

Our unprogrammed Monthly Meeting is associated with the New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and Friends General Conference.

The meeting for worship is the heart of the Religious Society of Friends. A Quaker meeting is many things. It is a faith community first and foremost, a community that gathers for worship, to conduct business, share fellowship and to manifest Quaker leadings in the world. Here’s what our meeting for worship time looks like:

• sitting quiety, with an awareness of the Divine Spirit, usually for one hour;

  • listening thoughtfully if someone is moved by the Spirit to speak, including children for a time before or after a children’s program; sometimes an entire meeting for worship passes in silence;
  • shaking hands when worship ends and greeting those around you in fellowship